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The following list is to be used as a quick reference source of the major works by Carl Sandburg.
For a more complete listing of Sandburg publications, please note the
annotated listing of bibliographies
at the bottom of this page.


Chicago Poems (1916) [Available full text online at www.bartleby.com & Google Books]
Cornhuskers (1918) [Available full text online at www.bartleby.com & Google Books]
Smoke and Steel (1920) [Available full text online at www.bartleby.com & Google Books]
Slabs of the Sunburst West (1922)
Good Morning, America (1928)
The People, Yes (1936)
Poems of the Midwest (1946)
The Complete Poems of Carl Sandburg (1950)
Harvest Poems (1960)
Honey and Salt (1963)
Breathing Tokens (edited by Margaret Sandburg, 1978)
Billy Sunday and Other Poems (edited by George and Willene Hendrick, 1993)
Selected Poems of Carl Sandburg (edited by George and Willene Hendrick, 1996)


The Chicago Race Riots of 1919
Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years
(two volumns, 1926)
The American Songbag (1927)
Steichen the Photagrapher (1929)
Mary Lincoln: Wife and Widow (Part two by Paul M. Angle, 1932)
Abraham Lincoln: The War Years (four volumns, 1939)
Storm over the Land (1942)
Home Front Memo (1943)
Always the Young Strangers
A Lincoln Preface
Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years and the War Years
(one volumn edition, 1954)
The Sandburg Range (1957)


Remembrance Rock (1948)

For Children

Rootabaga Stories (1922) [Available full text online at Google Books]
Rootabaga Pigeons
Early Moon (1930)
Potato Face
Abe Lincoln Grows Up
Prairie-Town Boy
The Wedding Procession of the Rag doll and the Broom Handle and Who Was in It
Wind Song
Rainbows Are Made

The Sandburg Treasury
More Rootabagas (1993)

Bibliographies of Carl Sandburg's Work

Several compilations exist of Sandburg's writings. Please consult these resources for more detailed information about specific publications:

Heise, Kenan. The Sandburg Shelf: An Annotated Bibliography and Price Guide for the Works of Carl Sandburg. 1993. 71 pgs. (limited to 100 copies) [Very imformative with regards to identifying first editions. Used primarily as a quick reference tool].

Crane, Joan. Carl Sandburg, Philip Green Wright and the Asgard Press: 1900-1910. 1975. 132 pgs. [This book deals primarily with Sandburg's years in Galesburg, Illinois. Includes letters to his friend/mentor Professor Philip Green Wright].

Canant, Ray Moschel. A Catalog of the Carl Sandburg Collection of the University of Texas at Austin. 1972. 961 pgs. (two volumns) [Compiled as part of a dissertation, this is the most impressive of the bibliographies. The University of Texas at Austin has a very impressive collection of Sandburg materials].

Van Doren, Mark. Carl Sandburg: with a bibliography of Sandburg materials in the collections of the Library of Congress. 1969. 83 pgs. [Another quick reference source. Includes an introductory discussion of Sandburg's works. Nicely divided to inlcude catagories such as "Audio" works and "Introductions and Prefaces"].

The Sandburg Range: An Exhibit of Materials from Carl Sandburg's Library. 1958. 47 pgs. [An exhibit catalog from the University of Illnois. Used as an incomplete bibliography, but includes some very important materials].

Newman, Ralph. "A Selective Checklist of Sandburg's Writings." Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society, winter, 1952. p.402-406. [Another very quick reference source. Newman was a major collector of Sandburg material, including the very earliest editions of Sandburg's poetry. This is part of a larger ISHL issue dealing with Sandburg, including many writtings about him by some of his closest friends].


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